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Intrinsic Project Sponsors Soulful Music Soiree: An Immersive Delight by Art of Living

Intrinsic Project is honoured as a sponsor of the Soulful Music Soiree, a captivating event that showcased the mesmerizing talent of devotional singer Vikram Hazra. With the support of the Indian Society of Western Australia and the Federation of Indian Associations of Western Australia, the evening became an immersive experience that blended traditional and contemporary music. The event featured Vikram Hazra's soul-stirring vocals and his collaboration with one of India's top violinists. Additionally, the graceful Indian classical dance performances by Sinjini added a touch of elegance to the atmosphere.

The Soulful Music Soiree served as a platform for cultural exchange, bringing together diverse communities in Western Australia and showcasing the richness of Indian art forms. The event highlighted the commitment of these organizations to promoting Indian culture and heritage. The collaboration with Intrinsic Project and the Art of Living Foundation resulted in an inclusive and enchanting evening that resonated with attendees from various backgrounds.

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